About Us


Meredith Di Sciascio - Support Coordinator

Meredith has vast experience with individuals with disabilities both in her personal and professional life.  Her 20 year background includes working in the NJ state education system as well as providing case management for adults with emotional and cognitive disabilites.  Meredith offers a compassionate and attentive approach to Support Coordination. Her objective is to make families feel supported and cared for in their journey.


Brad Todd - Supervisor

Brad has been working with individuals with developmental disabilities in an informal educational setting since 2000, and in various State Programs for over 5 years.  As a father of twins and a certified elementary educator, he brings a personal, compassionate and professional approach to Support Coordination.

Getting Connected

Open communication is key.  We use a proven schedule of phone calls and meetings to stay connected and monitor your progress.

Intake Meeting - Duration - 2 hours

This is our first fist face-to-face meeting.  Together we will complete a thorough checklist, build a plan with strategic goals, and discuss all the service options available.

Monthly Phone Calls - Duration - 10-30 minutes

Every month, we will reach out by phone to discuss progress towards goals, satisfaction with services, and any changes that may be needed. Revisions to the plan can be made anytime.

Quarterly Meetings - Duration - 30 minutes

Every 3 months, we will meet with you to review the plan and discuss satisfaction with services, making any necessary changes.

Annual Meeting - Duration - 1 hour

Once a year, we will analyze the larger scope of your plan, reviewing the current services and looking ahead to the next planning year to determine if any revisions are needed.